The Power of Branding in B2B

Sep 13, 2022

There are distinct drivers in B2B that influence branding and design. Our work is solely in the B2B space, and we consider these nuances carefully as we make creative recommendations to support our clients and their brands. 

The goal is to solve a problem
B2B customers are driven by need, not impulse. They seek out products and services in order to solve a problem or improve their business. Whether in content or creative, we ensure their value proposition is always front and centre.

Logic over emotion
When companies buy services and products from other companies, they are motivated primarily by logic and careful reasoning. Decisions are made based on facts and statistics, rather than on emotions. We ensure the marketing collateral we design clearly explains and supports these facts. 

Multiple stakeholders
B2B buying decisions are often made by many people in different areas of a company. Your brand messaging needs to appeal to a wide range of stakeholders in different jobs, who may have different criteria for the purchase. Through an in-depth understanding of all of these decision-makers, your proposition should demonstrate how you will solve both their problems and those of the overall company. 

Expertise is a key driver
B2B branding must convey expertise and the ability to execute a solution. Your content marketing should be detailed and brand the business as a thought leader.

A thoughtful buying decision
B2B companies have a longer sales cycle because of the many stakeholders involved in the purchase and the higher cost of the products and services. The goal of their branding is to build trust over the duration of the sales cycle.

With information from the SCORE Association

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